A&Co is a strategic, brand-focused, creative studio.

We transform brands and businesses by creating unified brand experiences with a focus on empathy, meaning, and emotion built from the balance of expertise, intellect, and intuition.

We believe pretty is easy.
Problems are hard.

Making things pretty isn’t hard. But pretty without solving a problem is like the sugar in your Coke. It tastes good, but they’re empty calories. Pretty design is nice to look at, but it’s not enough. Great design solves problems.

We solve brand problems.
We solve story problems.

Your brand lives in more places than you think. It’s your story, and we’re not going to make it up. Instead, we’re going to extract the best version from you, position it, package it, paint it and tell it so people truly understand your magic.

We solve human problems.

All of our clients are human (so far). But once a year, we dedicate an entire project to a non-profit cause we believe in and whose idea is changing the world. The work is pro-bono, but we bring our full set of services, so we’re selective. We call these Brands for Good.

We believe agencies are common.
Partnerships are rare.

It’s not hard to find an agency. Lots of people can design a fancy logo or create a pretty color palette. True partners are those who take the time to really understand you and your brand. Who will get in the trenches with you to solve your biggest business problems. Those partners are rare and scarce.

We believe marketing is short-term.
Brand is long-term.

If you’re hoping to go viral next week, we’re probably not for you. If you’re looking to build the best version of your brand and tell the best version of your story - that’s what we do! Like when helped DuChateau re-invent the luxury flooring category or Avista go global. Making our clients be their best is what we’re about.

We believe strategy is table stakes.

You won’t ever see “strategy” as a line-item in our services. It’s always included, because it’s at the core of what we do.

We believe in our tools.
But we don’t get emotional about them.

When Laird Hamilton wanted to surf bigger waves, he invented tow-in surfing. When he wanted to reduce drag and fly above the water, he invented the foil board.

Like a performer, we use the best tools for the job.
Like a craftsman, we know our tools.
Like an artisan (and Laird), if the perfect tool doesn’t exist, we’ll build it.

We believe design matters.
But so does speed.

Great design is an accumulation of a lot of details, but speed and attention to detail don’t often go hand in hand. We see our projects like riding a bike. Direction is important, but speed and forward momentum are critical.

We don’t believe in deliverables for the sake of deliverables.

Many consultants and agencies create loads of deliverables to impress their clients. This bogs down the process and makes it more expensive. We ensure that every client has what they need, but we don’t try to impress you with how many files we can add to your Dropbox. You don’t need folders full of deliverables. You don’t need anything extra or confusing. You need your problem solved, and quickly.

We believe constraints create the edges to make great work.

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Jose Alonso
Founder & Creative Director
As Creative Director & Founder at A&Co, Jose Alonso leads a hand-picked team of talented directors, strategists, designers, writers, videographers, and photographers to partner with clients to solve their business challenges and make a difference in how people experience brands.

Born and raised in Mexico City, he began his career as a licensed architect, which molded his fine-tuned attention to the smallest of details while keeping the big picture top of mind. This meticulous attention to all aspects of a design project eventually led to him opening his branding firm in 2007, transforming businesses from start-ups to global corporations.

He regularly participates in design conferences and universities on Brand and Design topics. His focus centers on integrating all brand interactions best while maintaining a solid and consistent brand expression.
Jose Alonso
Brand & Marketing Wizard

Clay Hebert is a marketing and branding strategist, speaker, and storyteller. He loves words and stories...and he believes we make marketing harder than it needs to be.

For a decade, Clay led teams at Accenture, the world’s largest consulting firm, solving complex problems for global Fortune 500 companies. He left to attend the most selective MBA program in the country...he was one of only 9 people to learn directly from marketing expert Seth Godin for six months. Clay’s work has been profiled in the books Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark, and Deep Work by Cal Newport. He’s helped over 2000 projects raise over $100 million total via crowdfunding. Forbes called him “one of the next generation of business and media influencers” and he was recently named one of Entrepreneur Magazine's 50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs...along with Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

Clay believes marketing is about understanding how your customers want to feel...and then giving them stories and products and services that help them feel that way. Word of mouth is about those stories being portable and easy to spread. As Brand Wizard for A&Co, Clay helps our clients figure out the best version of their story, and then how and where to tell it.

Martin Cohen
Creative Director

Martin is an innovative Creative Director with an eye for pixel perfection who describes his talent as unconventional and original. He utilizes both his creative and business expertise in new digital media with traditional media to assist companies by generating creative solutions that enable them to succeed. Martin has worked with a wide array of clients, such as BMW, Lamborghini, PANDORA Jewelry, Sony Playstation Network, Nike, and LA Philharmonic.

Loving the creative field ensures Martin will go the extra mile and constantly challenge the status quo. Martin's belief system is what truly drives him to create great work for every client, while his artistic nature allows him to think outside the box and step into a realm that is out of the ordinary.

Martin's interests include sports, traveling and fine art.

Brand & Marketing Wizard
Cheryl Tieken alonso
Martin Cohen
Creative Director
Brands for Good is a specific division of A&Co where we work with companies who are changing the world, or at least their corner of it. We know the power of brands to change the world, and Brands For Good is our way to partner with people and organizations working to make our world a better place.
Brands for Good
To your user base and customers, it’s an experience that makes them want to use your product or buy into your brand over another. It’s an experience that makes people feel good, which creates less friction and creates trust with a brand. Why would you use something that's too hard if you don’t have to? How can you experience something if you can't find it or even know about it?


SELECT Clients

Adventure Games
AIGA Y Conference
Albertson Design
Amatos Auto Body
American Guild
Arris Composites
Avista Technologies
Barcley Butera
Battery Ventures
BeingWell Media
Boyd & Blair Vodka
California Coast Credit Union
Capstone Advisors
Carrier Johnson + Culture
Casero Taqueria
Chubby Pig
Cross Construction
Darling Homes
Dewitt Companies
FiLo Festival
Four Seasons Resorts
Front Porch
Garrison Floors
Gava Kids
Hartmans Law
Help Get Sponsors
iGroup Design
Jim Kwik
Kiernan West
La Jolla Concours D'Ellegance
Made for Joy
Meet your Magic
Mike Merriam
Mission Bio
Modern West
Neal Communities
Neal Signature Homes
Oak Creek Trail
Old Master Products
Paragon Speakers
Piper & Heath
Presagia AI
Rancho Mission Viejo
Run, Rock, Vote
San Diego International Airport
San Diego Italian Film Festival
Sea Summit
Sharp Healthcare
Simon Sinek
Take Back Perfect
Taylor Morrison
TEDx San Diego
Terranea Resort
The Pink Pig
West Health
Workshop for Warriors


Years of collaborating with the most amazing clients and partners.
Clients we have the honor to collaborate with over the years.
Projects we have completed to date, from labels to trade shows, we've done it all.
Awards. Yes, we don't believe in them, our best award is when the partnership is a success for our clients.

&Strategic Partners

We believe on experts doing what they are best at. An we also believe in long term partnerships based on trust, collaboration, and alignment on values.
Albertson Design
Take Back Perfect